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The landscape of products and advertising has transcended to many digital forms in our modern society, though the more tangible and traditional formats remain as an esteemed method of content delivery. Commercial books, publications, product packaging, environmental décor, signage, posters, sales collateral, and stationary are some of the many forms of marketing material projects I’ve managed, designed, and prepared for market.

Pfizer's Honoring Our Heritage

Client: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Involvement: Designer and Production Consultant
Contract: Sun Studios

This 192 page history book documents the 100+ year legacy of drug research and innovation, which has taken place at Pfizer's campus in Pearl River, NY. I was brought onboard during the year-long project to collect, document, catalog, appraise, and restore assets—to then design the linear story. This highly photographic piece tells the history of the companies which ran the plant, as well as the many employees, discoveries, and achievements which made the location a household name. The print distribution went to current and retired employees (2M+) and is registered with the Library of Congress.


Positioning, Standards, and Usage
The symbolic visualization of a “self” first appeared on the walls of caves dating back 40,000 years ago. This desire and need to express our goals and our uniqueness has not changed, but the means has most certainly matured. The visual identity of a company bares countless associations and the nature of these impressions are vital for its success. I’m honored to have aided in the brand development of both small and large entities throughout my career, which have captured their qualities and supported their objectives.

Symbol Audio Branding

Client: Blake Tovin
Involvement: Art Direction
Employer: Hora Associates

Career furniture designer, Blake Tovin required a naming and branding effort for his new high-end collection of handcrafted furniture and audio products. The exclusive product line infuses retro and modern design with both new and traditional audio technologies. Symbol Audio created an immediate splash in the custom and luxury audio market.


Ideation, Multimedia, and Environmental  
Live events and performances have utilized the full combination of sensorial mediums to immerse attendees since ancient times. Event planning, thematic concepts, environment design, presentation development, video content, kiosk applications, on-site show running, supportive collateral, take-home materials, and after-mailing—is a partial list of my special event background.

Setting the Tempo

Client: American Express
Involvement: Event Theme, Décor, Presentation, Collateral, On-Site Support
Employer: Fusion Media

Attendees found the ultimate rock’n’roll experience at the 2014 Global Leadership Conference, “Setting the Tempo.” The event successfully combined business initiatives and the excitement of a concert / hall-of-famer lifestyle. Attendees participated in countless music-related breakouts, entertainment activities, and received VIP treatment down to every detail. This was the largest and most elaborate American Express corporate gathering in over a decade. “I’ve never approved anything as fast in my entire career.” – Amex Chief Human Resources Officer


UX/UI, Presentation, and Motion
Analog technology continues to become distant in our rearview, while digital technology progresses its influence into almost all aspects of our lives. No matter the platform—a dynamic display of content and interactive engagements are key drivers for impactful user experience. I approach the digital space with thoughtful design judgements to bring unexpected delight and clarity to the complex.

PepsiCo Careers Website

Client: PepsiCo
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

This website acts as the organization’s global destination for hiring and company culture. Our selected design team collaborated on desktop and mobile wireframing, user interfaces, developer specifications, and all graphic treatments.

Brett is a creative agency and freelance director based in Westchester, New York.

He successfully services both small business and Fortune brands through keen design strategy and multimedia solutions. His background in branding, product activation, and quality pre-media—puts him in a unique standing in terms of his qualifications and the value he brings to creative teams. Brett is an active AIGA NYC Chapter supporter and discounts services for charities/nonprofits.

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