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The landscape of products and advertising has transcended to many digital forms in our modern society, though the more tangible and traditional formats remain as an esteemed method of content delivery. Commercial books, publications, product packaging, environmental décor, signage, posters, sales collateral, and stationary are some of the many forms of marketing material projects I’ve managed, designed, and prepared for market.



Hydration Campaign

Client: PepsiCo
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

In an effort to engage and inform employees of proper water hydration, the Hydrate Now campaign utilized a desktop tracker and promotional materials to convey messaging and gauge progress. Each day of the two-week program, participants read interesting facts, insights, and infographics about the importance of proper hydration, while tracking their water intake to later submit their results for reward.

IFF Product Compendium

Client: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

This fragrance ingredient product catalog cleverly outlines hundreds of molecule descriptions and quality data for promotion and scientific reference. The compendium successfully organizes data-driven content that is not only easy for user navigation, but also beautifully presents the dense information.

Rewardblue Campaign

Client: American Express
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Rewardblue acts as HR's employee reward and recognition program for American Express. This campaign was executed as a series of posters, video screens, and web banners to promote the program and increase participation among the organization.

SoBe Lifewater Sell Sheet

Client: SoBe
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Product sell sheets remain to be a simple, yet powerful tool in the promotion of a brand's latest innovation and services to potential customers and partnerships. I've been fortunate to design many of these high-volume production pieces, which have been nationally distributed throughout the marketing field and aided in the sale of numerous PepsiCo products.

Pfizer's Honoring Our Heritage

Client: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Involvement: Designer and Production Consultant
Contract: Sun Studios

This 192 page history book documents the 100+ year legacy of drug research and innovation, which has taken place at Pfizer's campus in Pearl River, NY. I was brought onboard during the year-long project to collect, document, catalog, appraise, and restore assets—to then design the linear story. This highly photographic piece tells the history of the companies which ran the plant, as well as the many employees, discoveries, and achievements which made the location a household name. The print distribution went to current and retired employees (2M+) and is registered with the Library of Congress.    |    LinkedIn    |    845.597.7914
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