UX/UI, Presentation, and Motion
Analog technology continues to become distant in our rearview, while digital technology progresses its influence into almost all aspects of our lives. No matter the platform—a dynamic display of content and interactive engagements are key drivers for impactful user experience. I approach the digital space with thoughtful design judgements to bring unexpected delight and clarity to the complex.



PepsiCo Careers Website

Client: PepsiCo
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

This website acts as the organization’s global destination for hiring and company culture. Our selected design team collaborated on desktop and mobile wireframing, user interfaces, developer specifications, and all graphic treatments.

Social Campaigns

Client: Various
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Led the art direction of many online consumer-facing campaigns found on corporate websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter which have measured millions of online engagements and thousands of market leads.

Pepsi Spire

Client: PepsiCo
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

iBooks (and other eBook platforms) are powerful interactive marketing tools used by brands to convey insights, promote services, and pitch products. These sample pages are from a selling tool provided to in-the-field employees whom use this to aid in their marketing to customers.

Misc. Presentation

Client: Various
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Presentation development for brand stories, product / service marketing, internal operations, investment pitches, and new business. Specialize in messaging enhancement, custom artwork, and data visualization. Deck and template creation through PowerPoint and Keynote.    |    LinkedIn    |    845.597.7914
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