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The symbolic visualization of a “self” first appeared on the walls of caves dating back 40,000 years ago. This desire and need to express our goals and our uniqueness has not changed, but the means has most certainly matured. The visual identity of a company bares countless associations and the nature of these impressions are vital for its success. I’m honored to have aided in the brand development of both small and large entities throughout my career, which have captured their qualities and supported their objectives.



Symbol Audio Branding

Client: Blake Tovin
Involvement: Art Direction
Employer: Hora Associates

Career furniture designer, Blake Tovin required a naming and branding effort for his new high-end collection of handcrafted furniture and audio products. The exclusive product line infuses retro and modern design with both new and traditional audio technologies. Symbol Audio created an immediate splash in the custom and luxury audio market.

MTP Branding

Client: MTP Fine Painting
Involvement: Self-Managed

Balanced and precise in construction—this logo successfully combines both modern and art deco qualities. The execution speaks to the traditional and chic client base, yet is still appealing to varying aesthetics. It’s flexible in application between the full logo build and standalone mark. The accent color is ultramarine blue; the finest blue known to ancient civilizations. MTP services Manhattan and surrounding boroughs.


Involvement: Art Direction
Employer: Partnership

Mies Hora (President) and myself worked closely to brand and develop the company from scratch—creating a line of products, marketing plans, and promo materials to enter the direct-to-consumer marketplaces with unique caregiving early-childhood developmental products.


Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Hora Associates

Nanjing Ligong Publishing Info & Tech Co., Ltd. previously located at, wanted to gain a more Western-facing identity and online presence in the U.S. It was advised that the company undergo a complete brand update and I worked closely to rethink the naming and visual representation of the company to reposition them for a competitive stance in today’s media preparation market (i.e. retouching, visual mapping, layout, coloring, translation, and 3D modeling). The logo and website was inspired by color display of both digital (RGB) and print based (CMYK). The China-based prepress company required a new website to illustrate their talents to potential clients and multilingual variants of marketing materials.

DC Branding

Client: D.C. Remodeling & Construction
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Self-Managed

The identity development included several logo variations and website design that showcased services and project photo galleries. DC services Hudson Valley, New York.

Jacques Fox

Client: Jacques Magazine
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Self-Managed

I was asked by the publication’s editor-in-chief to develop a logo for their latest brand refresh and publicity push. Jacques Magazine is recognized as an edgier (more racy) competitor to Playboy Magazine, I felt that its treatment should play on a pun and visually reflect the iconic Playboy logo since a fox is a rabbit’s predator.    |    LinkedIn    |    845.597.7914
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