Ideation, Décor, and Multimedia
Live events and performances have utilized the full combination of sensorial mediums to immerse attendees since ancient times. Event planning, thematic concepts, environment design, presentation development, video content, kiosk applications, on-site show running, supportive collateral, take-home materials, and after-mailing—is a partial list of my special event background.




Client: Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
Involvement: Art Direction, Booth Graphics
Employer: Freelance Contract

The INBRIJA Healthcare Professional booth debuted at the American Academy of Neurology 2019 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The booth received over 700 long-stay visitors during the conference, where they experienced in-booth physician presentations and educational game-play kiosks. I supported thematic concepts, led the décor design following white model approval, supported digital graphics, and event promo materials with partnering vendors.

World Perfumery Conference

Client: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Elevated and expanded on IFF’s recent rebranding—creating refined visuals and company positioning to capture and inspire attendees with beautiful environments to encourage collaboration and unique engagements with customers. IFF’s goal to create memorable and educative interactions with customers was successful and created hundreds of leads for growth. I worked with Fusion’s Creative VP and Art Director on all levels of client and vendor logistics and creative ideation. As well as contributed to experiential media production.

IFF Investor Day

Client: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
Involvement: Décor, Presentation, Collateral, On-Site Support
Employer: Fusion Media

IFF is the leading global creator of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of CPGs with millions of consumers around the world enjoying their products on a daily basis. At the IAC building in NYC – investors and financial analysts joined IFF’s Executive team, which presented the company’s consumer insights, R&D, annual goals, new technologies, and innovations. Presentations, videos, interactive kiosks, and sampling stations made the event engaging and memorable for attendees.

PepsiCo Possibilities Booth

Client: PepsiCo
Involvement: Art Direction, Production
Employer: Fusion Media

Helped lead the brand refresh of Possibilities (PepsiCo’s talent recruitment business unit), which brought a higher-level design and messaging to recruitment initiatives. This trade show booth is currently touring campuses around the United States—attracting and engaging PepsiCo’s next great talent.

Setting the Tempo

Client: American Express
Involvement: Event Theme, Décor, Presentation, Collateral, On-Site Support
Employer: Fusion Media

Attendees found the ultimate rock’n’roll experience at the 2014 Global Leadership Conference, “Setting the Tempo.” The event successfully combined business initiatives and the excitement of a concert / hall-of-famer lifestyle. Attendees participated in countless music-related breakouts, entertainment activities, and received VIP treatment down to every detail. This was the largest and most elaborate American Express corporate gathering in over a decade. “I’ve never approved anything as fast in my entire career.” – Amex Chief Human Resources Officer

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